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We are a developer and manufacturer of self-powered mobile workstations.

Mobile Workstation (PARM) it is trolley with power system for any equipments from battery.

PARM  moves on itself and provides power for a standard set of warehouse workers - a printer and a computer. If necessary, you can connect other devices.



PARM created for free business processes from restrictions associated with the power supply of equipment necessary when working away from the outlet. PARM will save time that an employee spends moving around A4 labels or prints.


PARM will allow the foot worker to carry:

- A full-fledged computer;

- Monitor with a comfortable size screen;

- Full-featured keyboard;

- Thermal transfer label printer with a print width up to 6 inches;

- Laser printer;

- Other necessary electrical equipment;

- A trolley for comfortable movement of everything he needs.



Organization of round-the-clock stand-alone working due to easily replaceable battery and backup power system.

The most common application of PARM is an alternative to a mobile computer with a mobile printer. At approximately the same solution cost, PARM wins in comparison:


Mobile terminal and printer

Screen size

Up to 24.5 inches and more

Up to 10 inches for tablet PC



Limited or


Print width

Up to 8.27 inches

Up to 4 inches

Print type

Direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser, etc.

Direct thermal

Label roll size

Roll diameter up to 203 mm

Roll diameter up to 66 mm

The design with an easily replaceable battery allows you to work with PARM around the clock, and the option of built-in backup power - do not turn off the computer when changing the battery.



PARM is a universal device. The range of tasks to be solved is diverse: marking, measuring weight and dimensions, broadcasting video instructions, web monitoring and fixing, replacing bar coding with radio-frequency technologies and other works requiring equipment power.

Below we tried to describe some of the possible solutions based on the PARM platform.

Additional equipment: label printer, computer / all-in-one PC, handheld scanner

PARM with a thermal transfer printer will help in such processes as acceptance, shipment, re-marking, inventory, selection, assembly, dismantling


Related equipment: ring scanner, computer / all-in-one PC / laptop,

The ring scanner will allow you to completely free the employee’s hands, and PARM - to have a computer screen in front of your eyes.

сканер кольцо штрих кода.png
весы промышленные.png

Related equipment: weigher, label printer, computer / all-in-one PC

PARM can power and move with the computer and printer weigher that may be required in operations.


Related equipment: metering system, computer

By placing a weight measuring system on the PARM, you can save time moving the worker to a stationary installation.

Advantech-UTC-515C-8 .png

Related Equipment: Computer, large screen monitor

When assembling very large and complex structures, it is convenient to have a large monitor in front of your eyes with video instructions mounted on the PARM for movement.

Related equipment: label printer, forklift trolley

A unique solution for medium-sized warehouses. PARM technology - autonomous power supply is integrated on the forklift trolley with the installation of a small direct thermal / thermal transfer printer.

Related Equipment: RFID Printer, Fixed RFID Tag Reader

Now more and more products are marked with RFID tags. With PARM, you can receive, ship and perform other operations in a convenient place for this.

RFID (1) copy.png

Related Equipment: Any

The T-PARM company is ready to develop an individual solution for your task.

If you have not found a solution that meets your needs, write to us and we will create it together!




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